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Discovering My Ministry

(7am Thursdays) This ministry is also a discipleship/empowerment ministry in an informal setting for men to study Scripture and encourage each other to apply it to their “everyday, walking-around life.”

(2nd and 4th Tuesdays 7pm) Kingdom Men. disciple men as to their unique role in Kingdom work.  Also to become a band of brothers to encourage and support each other in the battle.

A Gathering of Friends

The purpose of this ministry is to teach participants to find their called place in the Kingdom work.  It teaches spiritual gifts, God’s specific call on your heart, what abilities you already possess to accomplish that call, personality type, and experiences that most certainly affect your place in the Kingdom work.  This one day session is a powerful discipling and encouragement tool.

Because of our scope and our limited resources, we DO NOT offer monetary gifts nor do we provide any housing.

This ministry is also one of our main points of emphasis.  Its purpose is to establish one-on-one relationships in order to disciple others and empower them, by the work of the Holy Spirit, to overcome particular barriers (spiritual, economic, social, cultural, racial, etc.) that may be preventing them from being whole in Christ.  In short, this is one-on-one evangelism and discipleship.

(Faith & Finances) 12 week program to teach basic healthy financial practices that are often missing in individuals experiencing generational poverty, and empowerment as its basic motivation so that people can overcome the difficulties of material poverty.

(Work Life) Lack of proper job readiness (soft job skills) are often a problem for persons seeking living wage employment for themselves and their families.  We are created to have a healthy relationship “with all creation” which involves our “giving back” through our work. This 19 session program arms participants with skills needed to “compete” for better employment and empowers them to overcome difficult barriers to their empowerment as God’s creatures.

Men's Bible Studies

Ministries of 1Twenty2

We began as a vision of members of a Bible study group meeting in a local church.  Desiring to reach out to our community and bring them the message of hope and joy from Jesus Christ, we began hosting a group called A Gathering of Friends on Sunday mornings.  This group has become the  foundation for expanding our outreach in any direction we are led by God’s Holy Spirit. Our primary purpose is to reach others with the empowering good news of the Kingdom of God.

Below are some of the current and future directions we are pursuing in becoming doers of the word.

Waxahachie, TX

​​​Ally Mentor/Participant Program

"Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says."

Faith & finances/Work Life

Sundays at 9:00am

The purpose is to evangelize and disciple people to empower them to be reconciled to God and grow in intimacy with Him.  They will then become evangelists and disciplers to others. This is one of our primary ministries.

1Twenty2 Ministries