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Prayer Requests

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- A spouse healing from surgery
- Friends facing big decisions affecting finances
- A sister in bad health and her son with covid
- A daughter dealing with addiction issues
- A friend and her pet were injured in a car accident
- A friend looking for readmission to school and for God's direction
- A friend needing to know God's will in a situation
- A spouse beginning radiation therapy
- Friends who are ill
- Safety from covid exposure
- A friend recovering from an illness and suffering with depression
- A brother in law entering a rehab program
- A friend praying for "less covid" - healing/antibodies
- A friend praying for a spouse and father
- A friend missing work due top back pain
- A couple whose house burned
- A friend needs divine appointments
- A dad prays for his daughter
- A friend needing pain relief
- A friend needing wisdom as they care for a aging parent
- A friend needs his real estate to be fruitful
- A friend who is traveling
- A daughter dealing with difficult spiritual warfare
- A friend's son making decisions and beginning a health plan

Answered Prayers
- A friend who has recovered from covid and doing well
- A marriage is being healed

If you are in need of prayer, let us know! We believe that prayer works and would be glad to pray for your needs. If your prayer need is a private one, we will respect your privacy and only post it here with your approval.

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