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Waxahachie, TX

1Twenty2 Ministries

"Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says."‚Äč

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Prayer Requests

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-A daughter-in-law is having a baby soon and will then face surgery for a heart condition
-A wife having neck surgery soon
-A friend is undergoing tests on a "lump"
-A member asks prayer for financial stress
-A daughter with severe emotional/mental issues
-A nephew dealing with depression issues
-A member asks prayer for her mom and dad - aging and needing special care
-A member asks prayer for her daughter's family
-A member dealing with health and job issues
-A member's family in the loss of their father
-A member's mom making decisions after husband's death
-A member's family has several needs - daughter having job issues, daughter and granddaughter dealing with divorce; a nephew with several health issues
-A son with possible addiction issues
-A member's ex-spouse dies - pray for family
-A member launching 2 new businesses
-An assistant pastor died suddenly.  Pray for family and the church.

If you are in need of prayer, let us know! We believe that prayer works and would be glad to pray for your needs. If your prayer need is a private one, we will respect your privacy and only post it here with your approval.


-A friend has his old job back after a long ordeal involving false accusations
-A friend has recovered from a mysterious illness
-A member had a safe and enjoyable trip to visit family
-A friend delivered a healthy baby girl after a difficult pregnancy
-A family received a helping gift to avoid eviction


-A job restored after a long trying period of time
-A friend delivered a healthy baby at full-term after weeks of trouble
-Friends are finding new homes and moving to better places near family
-Travel for several has been safe and productive
-A member has fully recovered from eye surgery with full sight restored
-Ministry efforts have borne fruit for the Kingdom
-A friend is seeing healing for chronic neck pain
-A member is improving from a chronic health problem

-Successful emergency surgery for a member
-A wonderful day of "Discovering My Ministry"
-About two weeks until completion of the Shower/Washer/Dryer ministry
-Beginning the ministry with the Waxahachie Police Department
-A new children/youth ministry 


-Recovery from successful surgery (also a praise!)


A member is recovering from surgery.  She is doing remarkably well!  Continue to pray.

-Praise God for a safe trip for a friend

-PRAISE -  A member's mom is improving after a hospital stay

-PRAISE for successful brain surgery for a brother

-A friend found a job
-A couple (for whom we have been praying) have FOUND AN APARTMENT!!  Getting out of their truck/storage unit/tent where they have been living for years

-A member's wife recovering well from a car wreck - (another answered prayer!)
-A member got her medicine - (yep, another one!)
-A friend had successful heart surgery - (yes, you got it)