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"Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says."‚Äč

Prayer Requests


- A dad in rehab at home following surgery.
- A friend fasting and praying for spiritual awakening to God's grace in our culture.
- A friend needing a good job and for spiritual restoration in the family.
- A young niece severely injured in an accident. She is not a believer.
- A friend diagnosed with a potentially serious medical condition. More testing this week.
- A friend in the hospital with very difficult issues. Family is very stressed.
- A family preparing for new ministry opportunities this summer.
- People who have been affected by recent tornados.
- A friend dealing with spiritual battles in a new ministry work.
- A friend dealing with long-term issues needing a closer walk with Jesus.
- A friend with chronic pain.
- A friend needing to change jobs.
- A friend working full time and going to school.
- Three friends recovering from covid.
- A daughter away at school.
- A family with several in poor health - cancer, diabetes, etc. And a sister needing a job.
- A daughter with an illness.
- Friends who are relocating to another city.
- A brother and family dealing with bereavement.
- An aged father in poor health.
- A daughter needs prayer for her emotional/spiritual health.
- A friend with advanced cancer.

Answered Prayers:

- A family receiving peace in their home.
- A friend experiencing the "joy of their salvation."
- A friend at home after surgery and long rehab.
- A friend praising God for His mercy, grace, and love!
- Personally, I am finally feeling well after a few weeks of health issues. Praise God!

If you are in need of prayer, let us know! We believe that prayer works and would be glad to pray for your needs. If your prayer need is a private one, we will respect your privacy and only post it here with your approval.

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