"Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says."

  • Kairos prison ministry - There are several in our group who participate in prison ministries including Kairos

  • Common Ground Ministries

  • The Waxahachie Project - This is a multi-directional ministry in our area started in 2017.  We are both supporting and participating in this work.

  • Family Financial Health Task Force (host monthly) – Bobby Haney is a member of this task force and our ministry hosts the monthly meeting for this group.  This task force is utilizing our Mentor Ally resources with training provided by our ministry.

  • Closing the Employment Gap Task Force – Although we have no one currently serving on this task force, we have entertained the possibility of using our Work Force curriculum with this group.

  • QMinistry Project and URBANwell Magazine – We work closely with Charles Frame and the QMinistry Project and Urban Well magazine.  Bobby Haney is a contributing author.

  • Ellis County Homeless Coalition – This recently formed coalition has our support as well as participation by some of our Gathering.

  • Ellis County Christian Women's Job Corps (CWJC) – The ladies at this ministry were some of the first to build our Gathering of Friends and still participate with us.  We also donate supplies and meals at various times.

Waxahachie, TX

1Twenty2 Ministries

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We are also working with various other ministries such as...

  • Children/Youth Bible Study – We are praying for God to raise up the leader and workers for a children/youth ministry in association with our Sunday gathering.
  • Women’s Bible Study(s) – We are also praying for women’s leaders to expand our discipleship/empowerment ministry to women and to be Ally Mentors.
  • Staff growth – As our work expands, at God’s will and direction, we will need to add both volunteers and paid staff to keep pace.  We will always keep great stewardship of our resources as a paramount consideration.
  1. Development Director
  2. Publicity; Fundraising
  3. Assistant Director
  • For-Profit Businesses – It is our vision to one day establish for-profit businesses to offer living-wage employment to our friends who have suffered chronic un- or under-employment.  These businesses will also be an outreach tool to others who need empowerment ministry.
  • Leadership Development Program – Leaders need to reproduce leaders in order to continue their ministries.  We hope to establish a program of leadership training and then commission these to go and be evangelizers and disciplers in other communities.
  • Expand associations and networking – We will always seek to increase the Kingdom work by identifying and cooperating with others who share in the Kingdom work.
  • Monthly Ministry Project – Those who are a part of our gathering and ministry can use a tool like this to learn servant leadership and to bless others in Kingdom growth.
  • Others as God directs and provides – We are vigilant to ask and then listen to God’s voice as He directs our steps.  He has done so repeatedly over the history of this ministry and has always provided generously the resources that were needed.  This will never change.

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Future Ambitions
Our vision includes these possible future ministries...

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