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"Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says."

Be Real

It has been an amazing (actually, amazing is too weak a word but I can’t think of anything better) realization to me to finally understand that I cannot continue to pretend that I love God.  I cannot tell Him that I love Him and then hold onto my plans, money, etc – in short, to continue to trust myself – and then enjoy Him.

It’s just impossible.

I can’t fool Him.  He knows! 

Let me share the words of Francis Chan – he says it better than I can:

“Instead [of pretending], tell Him how you feel.  Tell Him that He isn’t the most important thing in this life to you, and that you’re sorry for that.  Tell Him that you’ve been lukewarm, that you’ve chosen ___________________________ over Him time and time again.  Tell Him that you want Him to change you, that you long to genuinely enjoy Him.  Tell Him how you want to experience true satisfaction and pleasure and joy in your relationship with Him.  Tell Him you want to love Him more than anything on this earth.  Tell Him you want to treasure the kingdom of heaven so much that you’d willingly sell everything in order to get it.  Tell Him what you like about Him, what you appreciate, and what brings you joy.

‘Jesus, I need to give myself up.  I am not strong enough to love You and walk with You on my own.  I can’t do it, and I need You.  I need You deeply and desperately.  I believe You are worth it, that You are better than anything else I could have in this life or the next.  I want You.  And when I don’t, I want to want you.  Be all in me.  Take all of me.  Have Your way with me.’”

Be real with Jesus right now.

You are loved, you know.



We believe that there is nothing more important to man than to be reconciled to God through His Son.  We want to know Jesus more and more and to help others do likewise.  We desire to be obedient and Christlike by being doers of the Word and not just hearers only (James 1:22).  We want to be salt and light to the world by following the Luke 4 mandate where Jesus describes His ministry.  We will seek the leadership of the Holy Spirit at all times as He leads us into the specifics of our ministry work.  We will work from our Spiritual gifts and calling with a servant attitude doing all of this to bring glory to God and not ourselves.  And we will be intentional in working to resolve spiritual, relational, and material poverty in our community and anywhere else where we may have influence. 

Let God Love You

It has taken me many years to finally realize that ALL my life's meaning, purpose, growth, and transformation is based completely in the fact that God loves me.  I cannot change or move forward in life until I "get" this.  And He loves you the same.  Making this clear to everyone who will listen has become the overwhelming motivation for my work and life.  

I read this today in the devotional book, Restoration Year, by John Eldredge.  It addresses our "problem" with receiving God's love - the very thing that will give us life.  And life to the full (John 10:10).

"Oh, friend, let God love you; let him get really close to you.  I know it seems painfully obvious, but I'm telling you few are ever so vulnerable as to simply be loved by God.  Abiding in the love of God is your only hope, the only true home for your heart.  It's not that you mentally acknowledge that God loves you.  It's that you let your heart come home to him, and stay in that love."

So, are you comfortable letting God get really close, and love you?  All of you?

Please believe and receive it - you are loved!
I received an email letting me know that our donated computers are already helping a particular family in a tremendous way.  God is faithful to redeem your gift to our ministry to bless friends who are sometimes in desperate need.  Thank you so much for your support!


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